Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Jingle Bell Tag// 1st video


Monday, November 24, 2014

OOTD//Flannel Monday?

OOTD//Flannel Monday

 Today was Monday so I decided to dress comfy but kinda cute. I only have 2 days of school this week or one now because of Thanksgiving Break. Which I will be doing a OOTD for Thanksgiving or possibly ideas just comment and let me know.But this is a bad picture because the wind was blowing but I wore a flannel and a big black shirt and rolled up jeans with vans.

American Eagle (the one I found online is black and grey but still):

Black shirt:
Brandy Melville:

just American Eagle dark skinny jeans rolled up

Black on Black vans

*I will link my outfit if I can find these pieces but if I can't then I will find similar items and then just link them.

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Comment below any Thanksgiving requests!!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Back to School Tag:) I now challenge you!!

Back to School Tag:)

I thought I would do this tag because it has a lot of the question that people have been asking me in it so I thought this would be helpful especially because its going to be back to school as much as we hate it!
enjoy! comment your answers below:)

  1. What grade or year of college are you going into?
I am going into 9th grade and will be a freshman in high school:)

  1. What are you excited and/or nervous for?
I am excited to have more freedom in high school than I did In middle school and I am excited about meeting different people!

  1. What's your favorite part of getting ready for back to school?
Going shopping for Back to school is always one of my favorite things to do at the beginning of the years even if it is for school supplies.

  1. When do you go back to school?
My school Starts August 25th which is next Monday.

  1. What grade were you in when you first started makeup to school?
I remember secretly wearing like mascara and powder in fifth grade and in 6th grade my mom said it was okay If I started to wear makeup I just couldn't pile it on my face!

  1. From where or whom do you get inspiration for back to school styles?
I would say you-tuber's and Tumblr but mostly I prefer to wear what I like and to be comfortable!!!!

  1. What are your favorite upcoming back to school/fall trends?
Flannels, sweaters, boots, white converse, graphic tees.

  1. Where do you like to go shopping for back to school supplies?
I like Target, Walmart, and Staples but my tip would have to be to go shopping 2 or 3 weeks before school starts and buy the stuff you know you wil actually need and keep the reciept just in case you won't need it!

  1. What are your favorite stores to go back to school shopping?
Victoria secret Pink, Forever 21, american eagle, pacsun, areopostale, Jcpenney, Belk

  1. Will you be carrying a backpack or purse? Which do you prefer?
Backpack! until I start driving then I probably will just buy a longchamp but of course I will have to save up!!

  1. What are three non-beauty essentials you carry in your backpack or purse?
Ipod, Phone, GUM!

  1. What are three beauty essentials you carry in your backpack or purse?
deoderant, mascara, and chapstick!
  1. What is your go to hair product and hairstyle?
Dry shampoo, and I like to keep my hair down so normally the night before school I put my hair in 2 loose braids so in the morning I will have beachy waves:)

  1. What are your go to makeup products and go to makeup look?
BB cream, Mascara, powder, eyeshadow, lip gloss, I try to keep it as natural as possible makeup.

  1. What are your go to clothing items? Accessories?
Jeans, Sweats, t-shirts, Graphic tees, for accessories I like big statement necklaces to add a pop of fun to my outfits!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Maybelline The Nudes Palette Review//

 Maybelline The Nudes Palette Review!

 How Much Is this Palette and where can I find it?
 I found my Palette at Walmart for $9.98 link here:


Is it worth the price?
In my opinion this product is very good the colors in the palette are very pigmented and there are a wide variety of ''nudes'' in this palette and it's 1/5 of the price of an Urban Decay Naked 1,2, or 3 palette. The colors are shown below!

How does it compare to other products??
This product is a very strong competitor in my mind it is a new palette and to be honest I have never tried the Naked palettes but if you think I should do a comparison blog post I will!! comment down below which palette I should get out of the 4 the 1, 2, or 3rd or the naked basics palette??? to all the other neutral eyeshadow I have tried this by far is my favorite!!!!

What is the best thing about this product?
In my opinion the best thing about this product is the quantity and the quality I love how you get 12 eyeshadow for only $10.00 that is a great deal to me!!!and the quality and pigments are great to the shimmers and very shimmery and the blacks are very dark!!!

What's the worst thing about this product?
One of the only complaints I have with this eyeshadow is you can not layer it. I mean by this yesterday I put on a base for my eyeshadow a cream one that I always use with my other shadow but this eyeshadow reacted weird with it! It was hard to put on and very ''sluggish'' it almost was dragging across my eye? but when I took of the base it worked well I just always apply my base so you can't see the veins in my eye lids.

Do I recommend this product?
Yes, If you are looking for a reasonable priced palette with lots of eyes-hadows this is the one for you! Good job Maybelline!!and is cheaper than most of the bigger name brand companys.

Rate on a scale of 1-10?
I give this product a solid 9 I think these are amazing eyes-hadows I just don't like the layering problem I had.

************ALL OPINIONS ARE MY OWN**************


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Monday, August 18, 2014

My Morning Skin Care Routine:)

 Morning Skincare Routine:)

Hello everyone today I am doing my morning skin care routine! I hope you enjoy. comment below any requests or if you want a night time skin care routine!

1st things: first I'm the realest, sorry had to!

Things to know about my skin:
  • IT"S REALLY DRY!! during the winter my face is like flake city
  • it's blotchy so my face isn't all one color! so it has like red spots near my cheeks.
  • it's extremely sensitive which isn't ever fun
 When I somehow get out of my bed in the morning I head to the bathroom and I brush my teeth then I start to wash my face in the morning I use....

Simple Makeup wipe
to hydrate my face and help wake me up!
 which is a really hard task to do especially if it's the first day of school. These wipes do not make my face red and they leave my face feeling refreshed and clean without a bunch of oils and residue left behind. I really recommend this product to people with sensitive skin simple is your skincare brand!!! 

Clean & Clear Morning Burst Face wash

After the wipes I use the Clean & Clear Morning burst face wash, To be honest this product is very cleansing and it gets a very deep clean so it removes all the dirt in your pores and helps get rid of blackheads! which is very good the only complaint I have about this product is how for people with sensitive skin it does dry your skin out a little bit so I only use this product every other day but it is a all around great product!!! This also does what it says morning burst it helps me wake up very good and quick which is perfect for back to school! Also I forgot to mention this helps me get rid of my acne duh.

Aveeno Clear Complexion Foaming Cleanser:
After I use the Morning Burst Face I got straight into a a different
 wash which helps me with my redness on my face and helps even out my acne and it helps clear up my skin and this product is very moisturizing and sensitive on skin this is a really good product it foams very well on the skin and with this I use the Neutrogena wave which there is a picture of this under the face wash right here>>>>>>>>>>

 Neutrogena wave:
Is basically a cheaper version than the Clarasonic and I have never tried the Clarasonic but if you guys comment enough I will buy one and do a vs on them! this has 2 vibration settings and comes with pads to put on it that have some soap built in which is really nice!

Simple Ultra-Light Moisturizer:
Last step to my morning skincare routine is a moisturizer like I said I have insanely dry skin which is awful during the winter time so to help go ahead and prevent it I use this product and it helps bring lots of oils back into my face. This product also lasts forever! All I use is a little pea size pump of this on my finger then I rub it onto my face. I use this product 3 times a day and this is a great product I recommend it to anybody with any type of skin:)



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