Monday, April 28, 2014

Update// New diet??Grocery haul // Motivation Monday

Hey guys,
Yes im aware that its been a while but to be honest I had a whole lot of posts ready to share with you and I was planning on pre typing a bunch of post on my spring break last week but I ended up going to the beach the whole week and.

I recently started a new diet which is called a peskitarian which you dont eat meat except fish so basically im a vegetarian but I can eat chicken!
To be honest its not working well for me because when your reading this I will be eating fried chicken so yeah that just ruined everything. I NEED HELP WITH IT!

I went to the doctor and was told a few foods that you might not even know where adding pounds to your body it was shocking for me! They answered: some cheese, greek yogurt,  pretzels

Now im not telling you that you should never eat it again its just if you are eating these its just if you are rapidly gaining weird amount of weight that you're on a diet but still are gaining weight those are the foods to stay away from!
( though the doctor said eating nonfat versions of it was better and for the pretzels unsalted)

Grocery haul:

~Spinach (in leaf form):
I use this in different smoothie recipes and if you want me to do a smoothie recipe kind of blog just let me know in the comment!

~ LOTS of fruit:
Mainly strawberries,  bananas, mango, pineapple,  and some other frozen fruits for smoothies!

Good for dipping veggies in but be careful if you dip the wrong foods in and eat you may gain a pound or 2.

~Greek Yogurt:
Speaking of foods that can add to weight gain that is one of them just make sure you are getting the non fat version for!!!


~Carrots for dipping in the hummus. (this is great for an afternoon or afterschool snack!
~Celery is amazing!! with peanut butter!

~Orange juice:
For smoothies and with breakfast:)

~banana chips?
Well if your on a diet and cant eat potato chips than this is one of my secrets that I recommend doing and that is finding a crunchy item like a veggie or for instance dried fruit such as banana chips and the crunch will trick your brain into thinking its eating something such as potato chips! TRY IT

~Sliced cheese
well this is also great for lunch at school or home because it is so easy to spread on a cracker or anything or maybe you just want to eat it plain?

this is a motivational Monday because i want this to inspire you to try to eat healthy and become very happy with yourself but always remember you're beautiful!

Hope you've enjoyed!

~p.s. i will be posting lost more during the summer time so stay tuned for it because it is going to be a lot and if you guys have any requests comment below and tell me what you want to see!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Get a sense of my Style// Wishlist//Birthday edition

Hey girlies,
today i am going to be doing a wishlist post for my birthday. Now you may or may not have known that my birthday was on April 11th and your probably thinking why dont you have a haul already or why are you doing a wishlist video after my birthday? well i will be having a pool party for my birthday so I will be asking mostly for money and or giftcards it is going to be a big party and its going to be lots of fun:)



Describe my style: preppy, comfy, and southern!


Above are some vineyard vines tshirts which are really simple and cute and they just add a dash of something to any outfit i cant choose out of these two above if i were to get either they are so cute!!!!


*********************Monograms: no matter what i always love putting a monogram on it! To me it just gives your clothes a sense of uniqueness.

I also love to be comfy so in this i add Victoria Sweatpants and leggings these are great for comfy and casual days at school or at home and just add some shoes and your ready to go out the door!

*******************Speaking of shoes to the left is a pair of Jack rogers which is the main present I am wanting but I am deciding on getting the gold or white ones just because they go with everything! and also a pair of rainbows which are on the right because these flip flops are less expensive and more casual so these are the main presents i want!!!

**************************** Another thing I have been really researching and looking at is monogrammed necklaces I prefer the gold ones and not the acrylic! because they look nice!

**************** The last things I want for my birthday is a pair of Lilly Pulitzer Croakies or Vineyard Vines ones with monograms on them and if you dont know what Croakies are they are sunglasses end peices so they can go around your neck! I also want a nice Monogrammed hat for the summer time so the sun will not be in my face and add a dash of cuteness!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I hope ya'll enjoyed that and you got to see a peek of my style and what i like to wear!
stay tuned for more outfits post maybe even back to school or summer edition!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Update: My Birthday, Hauls, and Monograms

Hello everyone,
today i am just doing a update on what i have been up to lately its been my birthday it was yesterday April 11th and i had an amazing time with my family. I will be having a party so i may do a haul of just the few things i got from them and i could do a 2 part haul? but the main present i got from them was a pool party and i will just haul those gifts but that might not be for a little while because it is not quite yet warm in North Carolina and I am going to be waiting for it to warm up.

this is going to be short but i have started monogramming binders and everything
so if you want i will make you a lily pulitzer monogrammed wall paper and somehow send it to you just leave you initials below!!!!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Motivational Monday//Spring Has Sprung Tag//ft. free rice?

 Thanks for 300 Views:)

 Motivational Monday

Hello everyone it's been a while im sorry i've been very busy lately! Its been insane since 4th quarter at my school is coming that means eog and msl testing so lots of studying and boring things like that but it must be done.

Anyway today I am going to talk to you about this website i came across in the 3rd grade at my school and since it is coming to the end of another year you may be taking msls or sats anything of this nature.

What is Free rice? 

your probably thinking this is a crazy thing like what is this and to be honest this doesnt have anything to do with hair or makeup etc. well it will help you stress less and this is a studying website that helps you do good as you do it basically what you do is you pick a subject and a level and you study by answering questions but if you get the question right you will be earning ''rice'' yes, like the food for kids in Africa and places were kids do not have food! this is an amazing thing to do! it gives back to the world while you study! This goes with motivational monday because it will help you stay motivated to study knowing it does good.

Study Blue 

This website or app is a program i have the app that you can make your own flashcards and tests for you to study and the funny thing about this is i need to be studying right now but i really needed to get a blog post up for you guys! THE APP IS FREEE!!!
( I am not affiliated with any of these websites i just simply share my opinion)


Enough of that boringness yes thats my new word;)
so now to get to know my fashion and some of my favorite things of spring the Spring has Sprung tag!

Spring has sprung tag

1.what are some spring trends you are looking forward to?

Some other spring trends I am looking forward to it would have to be maxi skirts and very bright and vibrant colors also the typical floral patterns that's pretty much I live in these things during the spring.

2.what is your favorite spring clothing piece?

My favorite spring clothing piece would be probably my jean jacket you can wear it casual and formal I also am loving my bubble necklaces like statement necklaces and also scarfs.

3.what do you do during your spring break?

this year since it snowed a lot we had a lot of the delays and make up days and unfortunately it will be during my spring break most of them so I will be going to school most of my spring break except for like a week and then I'll probably be at home blogging or tanning outside and reading books. it warm or cold where you live during spring??
During spring here North Carolina it's normally warm but this year its still cold and it snowed last weekend and here it is March 25th but the weather man said that this summer I supposed to be very hot in North Carolina.

5. What is your favorite spring lip color?

My favorite spring lip color to be honest I do not even where that much lip gloss or lipstick but if I would have to pick I really enjoy the Revlon Lip Butters I have creamsicle which is a very nude color and its probably my favorite. For chapstick I really love the EOS lip balm and the Nivea lip butters they smell very amazing!!

6. What is you favorite spring nail polish?

My favorite spring nail polishes by Essie in general but I love all as his nail polish its really thick and creamy and normally you just have to apply one coat and you're good to go they have a very nice lavender color which I have I'm not positive of the name but if you really want to know tell me in the comments and I will reply.

7.What is your favorite spring color?
My favorite spring color would probably be mint green or aquamarine colors of that nature and I really enjoy like coral pink and really hot pink    and vibrant colors.

8. Favorite Starbucks drink during the springtime?
My favorite Starbucks drink during the spring time would probably have to be the cotton candy Frappuccino and if your Starbucks does not know what that is holidays is a vanilla bean Frappuccino with two pumps of raspberry. I also like their smoothies an iced teas for the springtime.

9. Do you add color to your makeup for the spring time?

Yes I do instead of using more natural color eyeshadows I tend to use more dark greens and also really light pinks to just expand my usage of makeup, I also for springtime tend to switch my lip colors to more bright pink colors.

10.what are you most excited for on Spring Break?

Not having to wake up early and relaxing on my own time I also enjoy spending time with my family weather its by the pool tanning or bowling anything.

Alright well that is it for the spring has sprung tag I hope you enjoyed it by the way I did not make up this tag this tag was created by a girl on YouTube and if you really would like to know her name again,  comment below and I will reply tell girls name
Also I created a poll which is like a voting session and I asked you guys what would you like to see me posting more often and I would really appreciate it if you voted so I can do more you guys like and enjoy by the way one of the answers is tags.