Sunday, June 29, 2014

Not Your Mother's Clean Freak Dry Shampoo VS. TRESemme FreshStart Dry Shampoo

Not Your Mother's Clean Freak Dry Shampoo VS. TRESemme FreshStart Dry Shampoo


1. This Dry Shampoo has an odd odor such like your grandmas perfume.

Answer: Not your Mothers.
This dry shampoo does indeed have an old odor to it while the tresemme one smells pretty delightful to me.

2.This Dry Shampoo leaves a little bit of white residue in your hair......

Answer: Tresseme.
I hate to say it but even without spraying it a long distant apart the shampoo will leave a little residue in your hair so you have to just rub it in!

3. This shampoo will take out all the oil and not leave much residue or stuff that makes your hair feel weird,

Answer: Not Your Mothers.
I love the not your mothers but I am going to be honest I just don't think the Tresseme one is good for my hair type.

4. Which product is good for blonde hair and which one is good for Brown/Black hair.

Blonde: Tresseme,
This is because if you use it and have brown hair like me the residue will show up but you can't even tell with blonde hair.

Brown/Black: Not your Mothers,
This leaves your hair clean without oil and not with white spray in your hair.

5. Which product was worth all the hype?? (for me)

Answer: Not your Mothers,
you could probably tell this from the evaluations above but this is just the better product out there for me just because my hair type. I bet there is a better dry shampoo out there for me but I just haven't found it yet!!!

Hope you enjoyed comment below a product you have been loving and I will try to find it and do a review on it!!

(This is not a sponsored post)
-Mary Wood

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Review// Not Your Mother's Clean Freak Dry Shampoo

 Review// Not Your Mother's Dry Shampoo


Where can you find it?

You can find this dry shampoo as long as with a bunch of others at many drugstores. Also at Walmart, and Target I found mine at Walgreens so it was a little pricey there but I needed it! it was about $5 I know this is a little bit pricey but it comes in a big bottle which takes me about 3 months to use up!

Does it leave the white residue in your hair?

Actually, most of the time that the dry shampoo leaves white residue in your hair means that you are spraying it to close to your hair on the bottle it even says spray 6-10 inches away from your hair! but to answer your question NO it does not leave any white substance or oil left in your hair.

Does it Smell?

Im not gonna lie this is one of the faults to me, it does have a certain odor and to me I guess they were just going for the fresh, clean smell and yeah I bet that's why they call it clean freak but that's beside the point. I do think that they should make a fruity smell! I would definitely buy it.

Is this product as good as the others?

Yes! this is now one of my favorite Dry shampoos right next to the Tresseme one which to mention that in a few weeks I will be posting a VS dry shampoo and it will be comparing my favortie ones so make sure to subscribe to know when I will be posting it!

Is this product worth all the ''Hype''?

To be honest it depends on the person and the hair type I must say it is an amazing product and I recomend this very much!! but as I said it does have a very different odor kinda like and elderly persons perfume or powder! all in all i believe this is a very efficient, and worthy product

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(p.s. I am not sponsored by this product in anyway all opinions are my own)

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Summer Beauty and Fashion Essentials:)


 -Face Mousturizer:
we all know during the summertime our skincare routine can get a little lazy but this is one step that you can not miss!!! all the chlorine in the pools and salt in the ocean will dry out your skin! so you need to moisturize. also it will illuminate your skin and make it look a lot healthier.

-Waterproof mascara:
So when you jump in the pool or the ocean and not have to worry about your removing your makeup! Also the kind I have been loving recently is the Maybe-line Rocket voluminous mascara the waterproof version obviously.This doesn't clump your lashes and it makes them look really long and thick without having to use eyeliner which is good during the summer!!

-BB cream:
Say good-bye to that heavy foundation!! take a break if you find the right BB cream it can actually make your face look more flawless! I use the Maybe-line BB cream it has good coverage and is more natural for the summer time. The formula of this cream is also good for any kind of skin combination! I have really dry skin on my face and it doesn't make my skin look flaky at all.

This is a very important part of makeup while i know most of the people i know step this part but i think it add something to your makeup. OH yeah it makes you look more tan!!! This is great especially if you don't tan this is a great to apply and you will instantly look like a tan beauty queen. 


- Sea salt spray:
This is great for summer and the effortless look that has know been coming into style all you have to do with this is as soon as you get out of the shower air dry your hair for about 15 minutes and then spray a sea salt spray in your hair I recommend just buying one then diying it, this way your waves will turn out better I use the not your mothers beachy waves and it works good but anyway, you blow dry it after you spray the formula into your hair ( blow drying it works better if you do it upside down and you scrunch it while you are drying it) and there you go!

-Messy buns:
for on the go and lazy bum styles.


-flannels around the waist;
this is a very big trend I have been chasing. everyone has been loving the 'bum' style for summer the laid back i dont care look and with this comes of course flannels but not just wearing them, tying them around the waist, it just gives a very cute look to an outfit!

yes a classic is coming back! these are perfect to throw on but there is one problem for me is when I bend over I get a major wedge! which is very painful i guess im to tall.

-Printed flowy pants/ shorts:
this has also been a big trend lately printed pants not just leggings but pant these are extremely comfy, cute and a new thing that you can pair with any outfit to spice it up. Also they come in shorts which to be honest these look like pjs to me!!


~i hope you enjoyed my summer essentials and comment below some of yours of just leave me a comment it is greatly appreciated!!!

Monday, June 16, 2014

What's in my pool bag?

-Water/ a snack:
These to things are very important water will keep you hydrated! you must drink lots weather if your at the hot beach or at the pool swimming takes a lot out of you!! that's why I also throw a little snack in my bag like (granola bar, fruit, or some veggies) these are also healthy foods so you won't feel really bloated when you get back in the water.

- Reading Material:
I know some people don't enjoy reading but you should really try to expand your reading I found out by reading more that I don't enjoy reading fiction that's just not my thing but i do like Science fiction!? it's confusing but normally if I am just heading to the pool I will put a few magazines in my bag (seventeen, Cosmo, Marie Claire, People) also here are some of my book recommendations, ( The fault in our stars, Divergent, The boy in the striped pajamas, Pretty little liars books.)

-Extra change of clothes/ Bathing suit:
 This is very important because if your going somewhere after the pool or beach and you leave after you might need a dry change of clothes so you won't get your car wet!! also bring an extra bathing suit if you have an malfunctions!!! just in case you never know!

This is a duh but you always want to have a towel with you whether it is to dry of or lay down on a pool chair with! also so you don't get your hair wet!

you will need this so you do not get sun-burnt we all know that is not fun! I get a spray sunscreen that has a minimum of 30 spf. and a get one of the face sticks (they look like glue sticks) and i also carry one with a minimum of 30 spf.

-Tanning oil:
I don't know about y'all but during the summer I like to look like a tan beauty queen! and just laying out in the sun doesn't normally get it for me and if you don't use tanning oil it takes longer for you to tan and you normally absorb more harmful uv rays. But if you spray on the oil it will help you tan quicker and help you be in the sun less! I normally get one with a spf of 8 it still has some coverage but will help you tan!

-Lip balm:
So your lips don't dry up in the sun or get burnt and believe me it can happen and it is not fun!!! I normally use a eos or the actual chap-stick brand chap-stick I have been loving the cake batter one recently it has a lot of vanilla in it but it smells amazing!

we have to protect our eyes and it adds a little something to your outfit I believe! these harmful UV rays these days are not good for our eyes and could make you go blind so I always wear sunglasses! Currently I have been loving wearing my Ray-bans Wayfarer sunnies:)

-Hair Brush:
When you swim and get out of the pool your hair is a big tangely mess! so I have a fix comb/ brush your hair as soon as you get out of the water to make sure it doesn't stay like that!

-Makeup/ Towlets:
I know you don't want to go to the pool with a whole face of makeup so therefore you can have a little makeup bag in there in case you have to go somewhere after the pool and you can just spice up your makeup and be ready to go!

-Lotion/ Body splash



Sunday, June 8, 2014

MINI- Haul:)

Hello everyone,
Im back sorry its been awhile but i am know going to be posting a lot more!! Since Summer is here and I only have 3 days left of school i am going to be doing lots more posts for you guys so follow me so you will know when I update my blog Love you mean it:)

***I also wanted to address I bought most of these things with my birthday money and I am not trying to brag in any way***


1. Converse

So I am finally Got them yes I believe I am turning a little tumblr girl but thats okay:) these are white converse and I paid about 45$ fort hem and these are going to be some of my summer shoes!!

Yes okay above I know I am going a little tumblr but these clothes above are bathing suits for the summer I got a one piece and a Tankini! the one piece is a royal blue color and I purchased this from JCpenney!

- The second Swimsuit is a Tankini which I am in love with the top is royal blue again I know I just think that is my color and it has white daisy's with yellow buds on it! and on the top it has a ruffle and at the bottom of the ruffle it has a lace lining!! I am upset though because the matching bottoms didnt come with it so I have to order some more! I got this bathing suit from Target!

-More shoes?
These are the Next shoes I have been waiting on and are currently being shipped to me are my Braided Rainbows!!! these are another shoes i ordered and am so excited to wear!



Monday, June 2, 2014

Update// The fault in our stars// New haul

Hello, long time no see
This post is basically an apology post on why I haven't been posting in along time!
I am sorry to do that but i have been having family issues my mom recently got a concussion at work so I have been taking care of her so that has given me less time to do much. Also I am still not done with school yet so therefore I am still studying for finals wish me luck:)

Let me just say if you didn't read the book before the movie then I am judging you!!!!! This is possibly the best book every written! and I am so excited for friday when it comes out! I will be doing a book/ movie review on it soon!!

Yes, you have probably been waiting for this on my actual birthday Aprill 11th but I just now am buying my presents! I am going to give you a hint one of the pairs of shoes I got are very tumblr-ish!

I hope you are excited for my new posts!!!
- Mary xoxo

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