Saturday, September 7, 2013

What's in my backpack!

Hey everyone it's Anna here I am doing a what's in my Backpack Blog entry
 for you guys so I hope this is helpful I know it is a little late but I still thought I
would do it.
So here is my book-bag...
It is Under-Armour and I love it!!! it is the perfect size and very sturdy.
For the inside it has books like so..
I have my book the hunger games by Suzanne Collins I have to do a report on and just to have it for fun. The next thing I have is a notebook so during class I can take notes on whatever and have paper:)
I also have a pink expand a-file for my homework instead of taking home a bunch of binders it's way more easier for me and helps me stay organized.
The last things I have are lady products for in case you never know....>>>>>
I hope ya'll enjoyed this video comment and give me some feedback also follow me for more posts and for my new posting schedule... bye

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