Sunday, September 8, 2013

Mini haul:)

Hey guys today I went to Claire's I figured I needed some knew hairbands
 and I picked up this super cute necklace:) I hope you like them Comment,
and follow make sure you request so I know what you guys want to see.

So this is the necklace I got it says love on it in cursive writing and on
the chain it has a heart and where it says love it has a heart that dangles
but you can't see that well sorry but I am in love with this necklace!
Okay so below I got 4 headbands:)
1st one- is the purple one with the studs on the bow I love this for fall!
2nd one-is my mint green studded headband right now I am really into studs if you haven't noticed
3rd one- blue polka dot bow. Very girly!!!
4th one- bunny ear floral headband it is not shown in the photo good but I love this!!!

I hope you guys enjoyed this Mini haul and please comment, Follow and request:) I hope you have a good week at school ~Anna xoxo

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