Saturday, April 12, 2014

Update: My Birthday, Hauls, and Monograms

Hello everyone,
today i am just doing a update on what i have been up to lately its been my birthday it was yesterday April 11th and i had an amazing time with my family. I will be having a party so i may do a haul of just the few things i got from them and i could do a 2 part haul? but the main present i got from them was a pool party and i will just haul those gifts but that might not be for a little while because it is not quite yet warm in North Carolina and I am going to be waiting for it to warm up.

this is going to be short but i have started monogramming binders and everything
so if you want i will make you a lily pulitzer monogrammed wall paper and somehow send it to you just leave you initials below!!!!
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