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Motivational Monday//Spring Has Sprung Tag//ft. free rice?

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 Motivational Monday

Hello everyone it's been a while im sorry i've been very busy lately! Its been insane since 4th quarter at my school is coming that means eog and msl testing so lots of studying and boring things like that but it must be done.

Anyway today I am going to talk to you about this website i came across in the 3rd grade at my school and since it is coming to the end of another year you may be taking msls or sats anything of this nature.

What is Free rice? 

your probably thinking this is a crazy thing like what is this and to be honest this doesnt have anything to do with hair or makeup etc. well it will help you stress less and this is a studying website that helps you do good as you do it basically what you do is you pick a subject and a level and you study by answering questions but if you get the question right you will be earning ''rice'' yes, like the food for kids in Africa and places were kids do not have food! this is an amazing thing to do! it gives back to the world while you study! This goes with motivational monday because it will help you stay motivated to study knowing it does good.

Study Blue 

This website or app is a program i have the app that you can make your own flashcards and tests for you to study and the funny thing about this is i need to be studying right now but i really needed to get a blog post up for you guys! THE APP IS FREEE!!!
( I am not affiliated with any of these websites i just simply share my opinion)


Enough of that boringness yes thats my new word;)
so now to get to know my fashion and some of my favorite things of spring the Spring has Sprung tag!

Spring has sprung tag

1.what are some spring trends you are looking forward to?

Some other spring trends I am looking forward to it would have to be maxi skirts and very bright and vibrant colors also the typical floral patterns that's pretty much I live in these things during the spring.

2.what is your favorite spring clothing piece?

My favorite spring clothing piece would be probably my jean jacket you can wear it casual and formal I also am loving my bubble necklaces like statement necklaces and also scarfs.

3.what do you do during your spring break?

this year since it snowed a lot we had a lot of the delays and make up days and unfortunately it will be during my spring break most of them so I will be going to school most of my spring break except for like a week and then I'll probably be at home blogging or tanning outside and reading books. it warm or cold where you live during spring??
During spring here North Carolina it's normally warm but this year its still cold and it snowed last weekend and here it is March 25th but the weather man said that this summer I supposed to be very hot in North Carolina.

5. What is your favorite spring lip color?

My favorite spring lip color to be honest I do not even where that much lip gloss or lipstick but if I would have to pick I really enjoy the Revlon Lip Butters I have creamsicle which is a very nude color and its probably my favorite. For chapstick I really love the EOS lip balm and the Nivea lip butters they smell very amazing!!

6. What is you favorite spring nail polish?

My favorite spring nail polishes by Essie in general but I love all as his nail polish its really thick and creamy and normally you just have to apply one coat and you're good to go they have a very nice lavender color which I have I'm not positive of the name but if you really want to know tell me in the comments and I will reply.

7.What is your favorite spring color?
My favorite spring color would probably be mint green or aquamarine colors of that nature and I really enjoy like coral pink and really hot pink    and vibrant colors.

8. Favorite Starbucks drink during the springtime?
My favorite Starbucks drink during the spring time would probably have to be the cotton candy Frappuccino and if your Starbucks does not know what that is holidays is a vanilla bean Frappuccino with two pumps of raspberry. I also like their smoothies an iced teas for the springtime.

9. Do you add color to your makeup for the spring time?

Yes I do instead of using more natural color eyeshadows I tend to use more dark greens and also really light pinks to just expand my usage of makeup, I also for springtime tend to switch my lip colors to more bright pink colors.

10.what are you most excited for on Spring Break?

Not having to wake up early and relaxing on my own time I also enjoy spending time with my family weather its by the pool tanning or bowling anything.

Alright well that is it for the spring has sprung tag I hope you enjoyed it by the way I did not make up this tag this tag was created by a girl on YouTube and if you really would like to know her name again,  comment below and I will reply tell girls name
Also I created a poll which is like a voting session and I asked you guys what would you like to see me posting more often and I would really appreciate it if you voted so I can do more you guys like and enjoy by the way one of the answers is tags.
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