Monday, April 28, 2014

Update// New diet??Grocery haul // Motivation Monday

Hey guys,
Yes im aware that its been a while but to be honest I had a whole lot of posts ready to share with you and I was planning on pre typing a bunch of post on my spring break last week but I ended up going to the beach the whole week and.

I recently started a new diet which is called a peskitarian which you dont eat meat except fish so basically im a vegetarian but I can eat chicken!
To be honest its not working well for me because when your reading this I will be eating fried chicken so yeah that just ruined everything. I NEED HELP WITH IT!

I went to the doctor and was told a few foods that you might not even know where adding pounds to your body it was shocking for me! They answered: some cheese, greek yogurt,  pretzels

Now im not telling you that you should never eat it again its just if you are eating these its just if you are rapidly gaining weird amount of weight that you're on a diet but still are gaining weight those are the foods to stay away from!
( though the doctor said eating nonfat versions of it was better and for the pretzels unsalted)

Grocery haul:

~Spinach (in leaf form):
I use this in different smoothie recipes and if you want me to do a smoothie recipe kind of blog just let me know in the comment!

~ LOTS of fruit:
Mainly strawberries,  bananas, mango, pineapple,  and some other frozen fruits for smoothies!

Good for dipping veggies in but be careful if you dip the wrong foods in and eat you may gain a pound or 2.

~Greek Yogurt:
Speaking of foods that can add to weight gain that is one of them just make sure you are getting the non fat version for!!!


~Carrots for dipping in the hummus. (this is great for an afternoon or afterschool snack!
~Celery is amazing!! with peanut butter!

~Orange juice:
For smoothies and with breakfast:)

~banana chips?
Well if your on a diet and cant eat potato chips than this is one of my secrets that I recommend doing and that is finding a crunchy item like a veggie or for instance dried fruit such as banana chips and the crunch will trick your brain into thinking its eating something such as potato chips! TRY IT

~Sliced cheese
well this is also great for lunch at school or home because it is so easy to spread on a cracker or anything or maybe you just want to eat it plain?

this is a motivational Monday because i want this to inspire you to try to eat healthy and become very happy with yourself but always remember you're beautiful!

Hope you've enjoyed!

~p.s. i will be posting lost more during the summer time so stay tuned for it because it is going to be a lot and if you guys have any requests comment below and tell me what you want to see!

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