Sunday, June 8, 2014

MINI- Haul:)

Hello everyone,
Im back sorry its been awhile but i am know going to be posting a lot more!! Since Summer is here and I only have 3 days left of school i am going to be doing lots more posts for you guys so follow me so you will know when I update my blog Love you mean it:)

***I also wanted to address I bought most of these things with my birthday money and I am not trying to brag in any way***


1. Converse

So I am finally Got them yes I believe I am turning a little tumblr girl but thats okay:) these are white converse and I paid about 45$ fort hem and these are going to be some of my summer shoes!!

Yes okay above I know I am going a little tumblr but these clothes above are bathing suits for the summer I got a one piece and a Tankini! the one piece is a royal blue color and I purchased this from JCpenney!

- The second Swimsuit is a Tankini which I am in love with the top is royal blue again I know I just think that is my color and it has white daisy's with yellow buds on it! and on the top it has a ruffle and at the bottom of the ruffle it has a lace lining!! I am upset though because the matching bottoms didnt come with it so I have to order some more! I got this bathing suit from Target!

-More shoes?
These are the Next shoes I have been waiting on and are currently being shipped to me are my Braided Rainbows!!! these are another shoes i ordered and am so excited to wear!



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