Saturday, June 21, 2014

Summer Beauty and Fashion Essentials:)


 -Face Mousturizer:
we all know during the summertime our skincare routine can get a little lazy but this is one step that you can not miss!!! all the chlorine in the pools and salt in the ocean will dry out your skin! so you need to moisturize. also it will illuminate your skin and make it look a lot healthier.

-Waterproof mascara:
So when you jump in the pool or the ocean and not have to worry about your removing your makeup! Also the kind I have been loving recently is the Maybe-line Rocket voluminous mascara the waterproof version obviously.This doesn't clump your lashes and it makes them look really long and thick without having to use eyeliner which is good during the summer!!

-BB cream:
Say good-bye to that heavy foundation!! take a break if you find the right BB cream it can actually make your face look more flawless! I use the Maybe-line BB cream it has good coverage and is more natural for the summer time. The formula of this cream is also good for any kind of skin combination! I have really dry skin on my face and it doesn't make my skin look flaky at all.

This is a very important part of makeup while i know most of the people i know step this part but i think it add something to your makeup. OH yeah it makes you look more tan!!! This is great especially if you don't tan this is a great to apply and you will instantly look like a tan beauty queen. 


- Sea salt spray:
This is great for summer and the effortless look that has know been coming into style all you have to do with this is as soon as you get out of the shower air dry your hair for about 15 minutes and then spray a sea salt spray in your hair I recommend just buying one then diying it, this way your waves will turn out better I use the not your mothers beachy waves and it works good but anyway, you blow dry it after you spray the formula into your hair ( blow drying it works better if you do it upside down and you scrunch it while you are drying it) and there you go!

-Messy buns:
for on the go and lazy bum styles.


-flannels around the waist;
this is a very big trend I have been chasing. everyone has been loving the 'bum' style for summer the laid back i dont care look and with this comes of course flannels but not just wearing them, tying them around the waist, it just gives a very cute look to an outfit!

yes a classic is coming back! these are perfect to throw on but there is one problem for me is when I bend over I get a major wedge! which is very painful i guess im to tall.

-Printed flowy pants/ shorts:
this has also been a big trend lately printed pants not just leggings but pant these are extremely comfy, cute and a new thing that you can pair with any outfit to spice it up. Also they come in shorts which to be honest these look like pjs to me!!


~i hope you enjoyed my summer essentials and comment below some of yours of just leave me a comment it is greatly appreciated!!!

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