Monday, June 2, 2014

Update// The fault in our stars// New haul

Hello, long time no see
This post is basically an apology post on why I haven't been posting in along time!
I am sorry to do that but i have been having family issues my mom recently got a concussion at work so I have been taking care of her so that has given me less time to do much. Also I am still not done with school yet so therefore I am still studying for finals wish me luck:)

Let me just say if you didn't read the book before the movie then I am judging you!!!!! This is possibly the best book every written! and I am so excited for friday when it comes out! I will be doing a book/ movie review on it soon!!

Yes, you have probably been waiting for this on my actual birthday Aprill 11th but I just now am buying my presents! I am going to give you a hint one of the pairs of shoes I got are very tumblr-ish!

I hope you are excited for my new posts!!!
- Mary xoxo

Some Infinities are bigger than others. -tfios

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