Monday, June 16, 2014

What's in my pool bag?

-Water/ a snack:
These to things are very important water will keep you hydrated! you must drink lots weather if your at the hot beach or at the pool swimming takes a lot out of you!! that's why I also throw a little snack in my bag like (granola bar, fruit, or some veggies) these are also healthy foods so you won't feel really bloated when you get back in the water.

- Reading Material:
I know some people don't enjoy reading but you should really try to expand your reading I found out by reading more that I don't enjoy reading fiction that's just not my thing but i do like Science fiction!? it's confusing but normally if I am just heading to the pool I will put a few magazines in my bag (seventeen, Cosmo, Marie Claire, People) also here are some of my book recommendations, ( The fault in our stars, Divergent, The boy in the striped pajamas, Pretty little liars books.)

-Extra change of clothes/ Bathing suit:
 This is very important because if your going somewhere after the pool or beach and you leave after you might need a dry change of clothes so you won't get your car wet!! also bring an extra bathing suit if you have an malfunctions!!! just in case you never know!

This is a duh but you always want to have a towel with you whether it is to dry of or lay down on a pool chair with! also so you don't get your hair wet!

you will need this so you do not get sun-burnt we all know that is not fun! I get a spray sunscreen that has a minimum of 30 spf. and a get one of the face sticks (they look like glue sticks) and i also carry one with a minimum of 30 spf.

-Tanning oil:
I don't know about y'all but during the summer I like to look like a tan beauty queen! and just laying out in the sun doesn't normally get it for me and if you don't use tanning oil it takes longer for you to tan and you normally absorb more harmful uv rays. But if you spray on the oil it will help you tan quicker and help you be in the sun less! I normally get one with a spf of 8 it still has some coverage but will help you tan!

-Lip balm:
So your lips don't dry up in the sun or get burnt and believe me it can happen and it is not fun!!! I normally use a eos or the actual chap-stick brand chap-stick I have been loving the cake batter one recently it has a lot of vanilla in it but it smells amazing!

we have to protect our eyes and it adds a little something to your outfit I believe! these harmful UV rays these days are not good for our eyes and could make you go blind so I always wear sunglasses! Currently I have been loving wearing my Ray-bans Wayfarer sunnies:)

-Hair Brush:
When you swim and get out of the pool your hair is a big tangely mess! so I have a fix comb/ brush your hair as soon as you get out of the water to make sure it doesn't stay like that!

-Makeup/ Towlets:
I know you don't want to go to the pool with a whole face of makeup so therefore you can have a little makeup bag in there in case you have to go somewhere after the pool and you can just spice up your makeup and be ready to go!

-Lotion/ Body splash



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