Monday, August 18, 2014

Motivational Monday! Confidence on Back to School//Advice

*Disclaimer i know some of you aren't going back to school for a little while but i thought since I have some friends who have already started back to school I thought i would just go ahead and start my back to school series*

Confidence tips:

  • Be yourself: I know this seems kinda common sense but a lot of people forget this and if you're trying to act like someone you aren't you probably won't end up with a good group of people and will be in more drama.
  •  Do Yoga: I know this is really random but trust me it helps if you are not that flexible any exercise would really do just something to help relax your muscles! and help you calm down expecially in the mornings before you get started for the day!
  • Get pumped: before school jam out to your favorite music in the car I like songs with a lot of bass it just gets me so pumped especially remixes of songs! here are some I have been loving...
Tennis court by Lorde Flume remix:
Calvin Harris Summer Diplo

( It wouldn't get off atalics sorry)

  • Look good ( spend time on yourself the night before): If you out work into yourself as simply as doing your makeup the first day of school you will feel so much more confident I promise!! I think I am going to do a night before back to school post!!

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