Thursday, January 16, 2014

A new year a new you:)

Since a new year is here I thought maybe I could share some of the things that I used and made me feel happy.

Tea~ I have lately started to drink a cup before bed ( no caffeine version). This just helps to relax my body before bed.

Music~ I love just jamming out to music in my bedroom recently I have been loving listening to remixes of a bunch of popular songs.! It is very upbeat, fun, and different.

Clothing~ all the time I love a good scarf. Comfy sweaters and warm fuzzy boots. I love fall but lately since spring is just around the block I have been loving bright accents in my fall outfits. I also love Statement necklaces from Charollote russe I found has amazing , inexpensive ones and they also are very pretty they run around $5.00 that is very affordable for good quality necklaces.

Makeup~DARK LIPS, you probably see these every where but that is just because they add just a touch of polished to any outfit. I havebeen also using lately heavy moisturizers because my skin is so flaky and dry but it happens all the time in the winter. They can be very relaxing and smell amazing♥♥ Something im looking forward to trying (makeup wise ) would have to be Bright blush. I have never been a blush girl because I naturally have a little pink flush so i really have no point for it.

Hobbies I love to do that I enjoy:

~photography: I love photography it is a way to express your self through pictures. I lobe taking photos of people, animals, and nature . There are no rules your free. You can do what ever you want to which is awesome. One of my favorite parts of Taking photos is the editing process. I love changing the color like to black&white or sepia it just gives it a real vintage look. Something else I really want to do is to save all my money for a Canon t3i or t4i I think I am going to get the t3i because the camera doesnt matter its the lens and your creativity that so.

~Writing (blogging)  I started getting serious about writing or blogging I just love giving people tips and what my opinion is. To me that is very important. I have never enjoyed reading,  however I always loved how in elementary school when we had to do creative writing everyone was so negative about it but I secretly enjoyed it. In the future I want to combine my love of beauty,
Photography,  and writing together. I reallg want to work for seventeen or cosmo . Basicly what im saying is I would love to work for a magazine or beauty buisness.


1. STOP PROCRASTINATING - MEANING waiting for the last second to do everything. Like school, work

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