Friday, January 17, 2014

Hair care Routine :)

Hello today I am doing my hair care routine. This post was very requested so I hope you enjoy please like, comment, and subscribe. Also check out my links at the bottom thanks:)

~Shampoo: John Frieda for Brunnetes, I lather this into my hair then rinse. Use this 4x a week ( I do not wash my hair everyday because this drys out and thins your hair)

~ Conditioner:
Monday- John Frieda brunnetes conditioner

Tuesday- dont wash my hair.

Wednesday- Aussie volumizing conditioner / makes your hair super soft and smooth:)

Thursday- John Frieda conditioner

Friday- no wash:)

Saturday- Herbal Essence hydrating conditioner this refreshes yuor hair from a long week of using heating tools.

After shower:
-detangling spray to make sure there are not any knots in your hair before using a comb.( loreal kids pear )

-Morrocan oil: I use this on the tips of my hair it coats it and makes the ends to wear they dont become split ends:)

-when I use ANY kind of heat on my hair I always use heat protectant you just spray it all in your hair and it protects from split ends, and fried hair. I use the Tresseme keratine infuse red bottle:)

- when I have finished styling I like to use a nice hair spray. Now I cant stand when hairspray makes my hair "crunchy". I use Tresseme extra hold hairspray:)

^^That is my hair care routine I hope you enjoyed and check out my links below:)

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