Thursday, January 23, 2014

Whats in my purse》

Hello everyone today I'm doing a what's in my purse post. I do switch around purses a lot but the main one I use is down in the picture this bag is a floral lily bloom purse. Another great thing about this bag is I found at belks for like $20 it was a very great deal and there were tons to choose from I recommend going there trying to find one . Also one more thing don't forget to comment like and subscribe. Today I want you to tell me in the comments one thing that is your purse is essential . Don't forget to check out my links.
Big pocket-
~Wallet- okay this is pretty self explanatory but I keep my wallet in my purse it has all my money card anything I'll ever need me I'm going shopping or a girls night out or the movies so yeah. This is this is probably the most use out my purse maybe I don't know um it's just very useful especially if you have my keys and you drive a car are you have your own apartment I mean it doesn't really matter just keep your life organized all your money Keys cards and you can go.
~Makeup bag-
Okay I like to keep powder in my bag just in case during the day and feeling a little oily and it's great for touch ups . Also if you have a very high coverage powder then you don't even have to wear foundation so you can just throw some powder in your bag you're ready to go for all day wear.
Lip products-
okay I'm not going to lie I'm a junkie when it comes to products in my bag . I like to keep all kinds of lip products I try and keep one lip gloss to lipsticks and one lip bomb but that never happens . lip products just keep piling and piling up and a have a huge stockpile of lip products:)
For mascara its pretty simple I like to keep two in there 1.waterproof 2 regular. Lately I've been in love with the Maybelline rocket mascara this one is the waterproof one and it does an amazing job:) the second after I have in there is the covergirl outlast mascara this is the non waterproof one I prefer this one because it just make your lashes look way longer than they are. But there's just a little problem with this one I have to wear some eyeliner with it because it doesn't make your eyes look is
full.. But over all those are my two favorite mascaras right noow!!!
This is also essential for me if you're doing your makeup on the go you don't have anywhere to live just buy a little compact mirror you can find them at Sephora to walmart there everywhere!!!!.
I do keep a planner in my purse it's pretty much a calendar but you can write down your event that you have that day or homework or anything you need to write down like I'm out somewhere and I hear something like a quote or saying I don't have anything right it down on  but if you keep that journal or planner in your bag then you have somewhere to write it down and remember and then write it down somewhere else when you get home.
Another Makeup bag-
By the way I do not have to make up bags I just use the bag for like random stuff like if I have like little things in my purse laying around and I don't want to have to dig around in my purse for them I just put them all in one big bag and then there it is.
Because you cannot have a stinky breath when you're like I did a restaurant unless a you be a burger and it has onions on it and it makes your breath smell like onions after it so you need to get a quick mint out of your bag in there andgo your breath will smell nice and fresh like you just brush them but let's be real you didn't.
Gum does similar things but lets say you're out at work and you don't have your lunch break till like 3 more hours and you're really hungry will you can get some of the gum that tastes like dessert and that'll keep you full tell your lunch break but don't eat it!!!!! Also you could go to the traditional peppermint would you just give your present nice fresh smell it's kind of like the minutes but the gone at last a little longer because you keep chewing on it but the only problem is it will go down after a while and lose its flavor and it kinda tastes gross just don't chew on the same pace for like all day I did that once and it was like gross.
Let's just say like you're going to work and you have extra keys well you can just come in handy little bag instead of like collecting them on your keyring because I know how heavy that can get and they just are then out of your way.
Nail clippers-  okay so we all know sometimes you tip your nails and maybe a hangnail begins to to form and it gets really annoying so you need something to clip your nails with or if you're on the go somewhere and you decide to paint your nails which seems a little crazy but you could always keep some nail clippers in your bag so before you paint them you can clip them.
~Side pockets
Phone / electronics-
~ the side pocket of my purse I just keep my phone and my electronics so there right they are right there when i need to get to them in the car normally like to play games on them.I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 which I love to watch movies or Netflix on it's also good for playing games because it has such a big screen and it's very affordable  my phone is just like a normal phone from verizon and I wish I had a iPhone but I'm doing what I can to beg for one (just kidding) hahahaha.
Lotion/smelly products:)
~ alright and the last thing in my purse is lotion, I have the white citrus body lotion its great time ago cuz its the mini travel size and it's very small and it fits in my purse and it smells good also I have the Sweet Pea spray also some Bath and Body Works this is a very light floral scent and it's great for spraying during the day. In the very last thing in my purse is a mini deodorant which is great for on the go use its mini and compact great for gym class or stress at work.:)

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