Saturday, January 18, 2014

My Sick Essentials!: Winter Edition

Hey everyone today I am going to be doing my sick essentials  during the winter time. I hope you enjoy comment below your sick essential and check out my links:)
- okay so let's be real somedays we don't feel good.  so here are some of my most used tricks and products.
1. My first tip. Is talking to an adult they can get you help I take you to a doctor and get you much needed medication. Or you can just use what you have any medicine cabinet home just make sure you take the right dosage.
for headaches: I like to use Aleve or Advil, Aleve ou only take one pill all day . For advil you can take one pill 4-6 hours which wears out very quickly .
For stomach aches: I like to use tell. Tums are chewable pills which get all the acid out of your stomach and make your stomach feel a lot better but I'm no doctor. This is just what has worked for me.
Throat & cough: for your throat I would really recommend going to the doctor. This is just because you throat is a lot more sensitive. For at home use you could do cough drops or cough syrup. I did combine the cough and throat issue. Also some warm tea might help, make sure you stay hydrated with a lot of liquids. My favorite is blue Gatorade ,ginger ale and, water they seem to help me the most.
Rest is really important and with enough of it and the right medication you can be back on your feet in no time. If you are having problems with throwing up I suggest that you used two pillows instead of one . If you have to lose you will most likely have the chills so layer a lot of blankets on your bed.
Picking your having sinus trouble Kleenex on your best friend. There are all different kinds some are nyquil or lotion based. Fuzzy socks also must have for me I keep you nice and warm because I know whenever you have the flu and get the chills is not fun. Another you said you would have to be pajamas I like the ones that have fleece.
4. Food ♥
For food its very tricky because if you have stomach ache and feeling like you're going to throw up can you should stick with saltine crackers and ginger ale. They always say feed a fever. If you have any feeling I'm nauseous what so ever I do not drink for eat any dairy products this will just make it worse. Drink lots of liquids !!!?
When I'm sick I'm not going to lie I like to watch a lot of TV . Some of my favorite shows include dance moms, ncis, revenge, the carrie diaries, and pretty little liars.for music I enjoy lots of slow music to calm me.
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