Friday, January 17, 2014

My skincare routine:)

Hello everyone today I am doing my skin care routine. I had originally planned to combine this with my hair routine but it would have been way to long. So here it is I hope you enjoy and comment down below uour most essential product in your skincare routine. Also dont forget to check out my social links down below thanks:)

1st - I wake up and go into the bathroom to wash my face I use the Aveeno clear complexion foaming cleanser - this helps to just even out your skintone so it doesnt look red and blotchy. Along with this I use the Neutrogena wave this is like the clarasonic but a cheaper version.

I use my Neutrogena oil free acne face wash in pink grapefruit.- this helps to just clear all my acne and blemishes.

Acne free face moisturizer- this makes my face hydrated so it isnt dry and prevents blackheads and acne.

I use the Simple sensititve radiance makeup remover wipes- I use these for my face not eyes they are really gentle on my skin and dont leave me skin red. For removing my eye makeup I use cvs oil free makeup remover this is amazing for removing eye liner!!!!! It removes everyth8ng its great for people who have allergies

All I do next is I use my Loreal paris moisturizer- it makes my skin very soft and its very light and not harsh on your skin!!

Weekend- I do use face masks on the weekend to just remove all bacteria and blackheads. The Clay mask avacado& oatmeal facial- removes dirt and oil on face for a flawless look.

^down in the pictures I put a recipe on how to make your own:) I have used this recipe before and it is amazing:) it is great because it fades acne scars which is awesome.!!

Hope you enjoyed:)


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