Saturday, February 8, 2014

How to Contour and apply blush.

Hello My loves,
 Today I'm back with a beauty related blog and I will be doing a how to contour and apply blush blog. I hope you guys like this and if you want me to do like any more makeup  tutorials then just comment down below any specific ones you want me to do I've been trying to do more Beauty related things because that was really my intention but the title is beauty by brunette it just makes more sense. Don't forget to check out my links below, thanks bye. Also Check in the down bar for links to some of my favorite products!!




bronzer can make you look Brazilian or like an orange blob. So here a few ways to get the Brazilian look. First thing you need to do is a little crazy or should I say weird so start out by making a fishy face and puckering your lips together like you're getting ready to give someone a big kiss and whatever you do this there should be lines on the side of your face kind of creases and that is where you going to lightly I apply your desired bronzer color I would do like three shades darker than your original skin tone. Down below I have a picture of my fishy and how to apply the bronzer.  Another way to get a brown glow is to apply the bronzer on each side of your nose it just accentuate the nose and it makes it seem smaller.

Now for highlights my favorite brand is benefit because they always have the best light highlights and for how you apply it you put it underneath and above your blush to make it stand out and give your face more of a shape. Also you can apply it right under your bronzer and on your forehead in the corners to kind of brighten up your face


Now applying blush is a lot simpler than people make it or it seems all you have to do is smile and then apply it to apples of your cheek for me it's a little different since I have higher cheekbones which over the years I have become to love but all you do is if you have higher cheekbones you apply it directly under them for more depth.  it's the opposite if you have low cheekbones you apply blush higher it just is always look better that way.
Now for colors its pretty optional its just whatever you prefer but I like to get the little sets with all the  swirl blush it has different colors in them and you just swirl them together and it creates is very pretty tone of blush.


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