Saturday, February 8, 2014

Valentines day Gift guide for Women♥

Hello my loves,
 this was very highly requested for me to do a Valentine's Day gift guide women so this is perfect since Valentines day is right around the corner. beware** this might be a long post. All the links will be included underneath the pictures and my links will be down below enjoy.



Perfume is a very good and flirty way to give for valentines day it could smell fruity, sexy, or even floral here are some links to a bunch a yummy smelling perfume for your special someone.

Floral scents:





For a more romantic choice you and your Boyfriend or whoever could go on a paradise trip to the beach of your dreams or you could go somewhere fun such as Disneyland or carowinds it depends but some could include ( Hawaii, Cabo, Bahamas, etc..)


Pamper her:

For women an average day include cooking, cleaning, and or going to work but sometimes all it takes is one day to pamper her give her a spa day of here dreams including facials, body massages, mani- pedis and you could give her a gift card to a local location or  maybe send her away for some relaxation time.


Chocolate and Flowers:)

This is the more typical way to go but writing her a sweet card and picking out some pretty fresh cut flowers and her favorite chocolate could be the best Valentines day yet for her be sure to keep the flowers in water and maybe make her breakfast. Valentines day doesn't have to be the best day ever but the littlest things count.


 My last gift idea would be Jewelry this depends if your getting serious maybe put a ring on it or just give her a necklace hand picked by you. The best thing in my opinion to get for her would be a Pandora Bracelet/Necklace because what you do is buy charms to put on it (same as a charm bracelet) This could be good to remember all your moments:)


I hope you enjoyed my Gift guide for Women on Valentines day please comment below any other post ideas and follow me for more post like this check out my links below:)




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