Thursday, February 13, 2014

New !!!!Motivational Monday : Inspirational

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Today is not my average blog but I am going to start doing a new series every Monday and as the title says its going to be called Motivational Mondays the subject will very it just depends on what kind of week/day if been having so I will usually show some pictures or a story and a few bible versus to get me and you through the week so make sure to check the ending for extra links and mine links if you want to give me any ideas or experiences.


So as you may or may not know on February 2nd 2014 the 48th Super Bowl was held the Broncos vs the Seahawks the seahawks won but that's beside the point. What I am looking at is one of the players of the seahawks- hes deaf. His name is Derrick Coleman (below are a few pictures of him)

He plays for the Seattle Seahawks and is number 40.

Here Coleman is teaching kids sign language.

As you can see Derrick looks perfectly normal but yet he is deaf that is amazing to me he even played in the superbowl this tells you that nothing is impossible. If there is something that might set you aside from everyone don't give up never give up same with bullying I will be talking about this subject coming up soon so stay tuned but anyway just talk to people and find something that calms you mine is writing / typing I love blogging its my favorite part of the day and I love it. It just relaxes and calms my nerves.

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