Sunday, February 9, 2014

Review: The Colossal Volum' express waterproof mascara.

Hello My loves,
Today I will be doing yet another review I lately went to the drugstore and picked up a few repurchases and some new products so in the upcoming week you will be seeing a lot more tutorials and hauls if you have been loving and products comment and tell me so I can try it out.:) Where to contact me? check info bar.

This mascara is very well packaged can I say also there was something I was skeptical about at first was the fact that it is Waterproof. I have in the past loved waterproof mascara but most time it just clumps them together. But not this was the formula is fantastic it is potent and it doesn't clump it leaves your lashes very long and full as you can tell below what it did for my eyes. Can we not just for a moment talk about this wand it is phenomenal it has a curved wand for lots of volume the package also says cat eyes so it wings your eyelashes out.
As I said this wand is amazing if you don't already own it I would recommend it. The price for this mascara runs around $6.00 at any drugstore and there is many colors and variations of browns and black they also have a non waterproof version which I am looking forward to purchasing in the future. To be honest I accidently picked up waterproof but I am glad I did!
As you can tell it lengthens your lashes and volumizes check out or purchase the product here:



Camera used: Nikon Coolpix L100

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