Thursday, February 6, 2014

Review: Baby Skin Primer

Review: Baby Skin Primer

Okay this has been going around the blogging world for a few weeks now. The Baby Skin primer by Maybeliene everyone is saying that it is a ''Dupe'' for the Benefit Porefessionals witch I may believe. I have used this product now for about 3 weeks just to get the goods and bads on the product. Remarkably I do not have that many bad things at all to talk about.

Price wise:

As for the Baby skin product at most drugstores such as Walmart, or Target you will find the best deals I found mine at Walmart for around $5.50 this is a ''Dupe'' price for the Benefit Porefessionals honestly I haven't had the Full-size primer personally put I have used samples that came in sets and things like that. I know the Benefit one runs around for the full size bottle about $30.00.


Baby Skin primer is a clear gel like substance I rub it onto my face and concentrating on my nose this product is also used for instantly removing the ability to see your pores and minimizes them. The probably only thing about this product that I have an issue with is the residue it leaves behind. Don't get me wrong the product does what it says it makes your skin very soft and it minimizes your pores. It does leave a oily residue on your hands and so therefore I like to wash my hands after I use this product but I love it.


Would I purchase again?

I would purchase again I love this product and what it does expecially for the price.I also very highly recommend this product so you should go and give it a try. I am thinking about investing in the full size benefit primer I don't know when I will but maybe in a while I could do a comparison blog so please comment and follow me:)

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