Thursday, March 20, 2014

Fragrance Friday// Berry Kiss ft. Victoria Secret



Fragrance Friday


Hello thank the lord that it is Friday so in honor of this fine day im going to share the perfume I wore today. This perfume is Called Berry Kiss and it is by Victoria Secret it runs around maybe $40.00. To me that is a good deal also i'm not sure if this is in stock any more but there are probably more scents that are like it.

The scents it fruity and fresh it is light and it just makes you smell good all through the day it isn't weak so I would only spray a few spritz and below I have attached a picture showing where the correct places to spray the perfume. Or where it stays the strongest.

As I said in the previous part of this post I bought this perfume at Victoria Secrets they have other perfumes that are great I hopefully will be posting more Fragrance Fridays so ya'll can get to know my scents. lol that sounds weird but I prefer either fresh or like a sweet bakery dessert scent.
Below I have Inserted the chart I was talking about it shows were to apply the perfume this is for if someone was to hug you then they would be able to get a little ''whiff'' of your perfume :)




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