Sunday, March 9, 2014

Spring Beauty/ Fashion Tag:) // Original


Spring Beauty/ Fashion Tag:

1. What is your Favorite Trend for spring?
My favorite trend would probably have to be bright colors and Scarfs! Here in North Carolina it has been snowing like crazy for the south so I am so pumped for Spring and summer and I think that neon colors are the best during warm weather.
2. Favorite Nail Polish?
Currently I have been loving this nail polish by Essie's last year spring collection it is liliacism it is a very purple and lavender color. It is a very nude purple which I like
3. Dresses or Skirts?
Actually I just went shopping and bought a few maxi skirts which I am in love with and I will soon be doing a haul on them so watch out for the upcoming post but skirts I prefer longer ones are more elegant and flawless which I just love for warmer weather.
4. Best Lip color?
I think for spring bright and obnoxious color like hot pink and purple are great I can not wait for the makeup trends.
5. Spring Shoes?
For shoes I have been loving sandals or low tennis shoes like keds and Vans they are amazingly comfy and pretty stylish.
6. Cross-body or Tote bags? 
I prefer wearing cross-body bags instead of totes just because the tote bags are really big and oversized and can even become very heavy! but I love cross-body because they just go over your shoulder and there really compact but fit everything you need.
7. Water-proof Mascara or Regular?
I have always known to wear regular mascara because waterproof mascara doesn't make your lashes as long or full and tends to make them clump a lot! but I don't like in the regular mascara it tends to smudge but I still wear it.
8.What kind of Posts will we be seeing?
You will probably see more fashion looks or lookbooks the fashion is a lot more fresh during Spring but if ya'll have any requests comment them and I will try to do them!

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