Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Review: Simple Makeup Remover Wipes



Review: Simple Makeup Wipes:)

Quality: Amazing very refreshing and for me they are a lot better than the Neutrogena Wipes that leave my sensitive skin red and blotchy. These simple wipes even remove my waterproof eyeliner without a problem.
Price: The price varies because there are different types of these wipes above I have the oil balancing wipes that are for if you have dry or oily skin. These normally run around 4-6 dollars depending on where you buy them the cheapest place to buy them would probably be at either Wal-Mart or Target.
Yah or Nah??
For the overall view of these wipes in my prospective they are amazing and very inexpensive and you should try them out if you have sensitive skin!!
~everyday makeup: which includes: ( eyeliner, waterproof mascara, and foundation) I have more in my everyday makeup but those above are the hardest to remove!!
~Formal: which includes: ( red lips, waterproof mascara, blush, and foundation) These are even more difficult to get rid of but these wipes do miracles!!
Skincare Routine:
if I wear my makeup I use these wipes to take off my makeup and then I use my eeveno clear complexion facial to wash any other dirty things from my face and that's all I do at night to my face and if you guys want a morning facial routine comment below!!!


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