Sunday, March 2, 2014

Our Deepest Fear... /// Motivational Mondays:)

Our Deepest Fear.
what's yours? maybe..

the dark

Whatever it maybe.Relax ~ then remember YOLO and find someone you can talk to if your fear is extreme and just remember to take a deep breath :)

watch this clips from coach carter that is very inspiring along with the quotes I attached at the bottom. PLEASE GIVE ME FEEDBACK IN THE COMMENTS ON IDEAS FOR MOTIVATIONAL MODAYS OR JUST IN GENERAL THANKS:)

Coach Carter Clip:

~Ways to overcome Stress and fear~


Writing has always helped me write something down if something bad happens and what you did or what happened. Its quite interesting to see all that happens if you go back and read it. Plus it take thing off my mind and relaxes me!!!


Sorry the picture wouldn't get bigger but yoga is very healing to the mid and body also very relaxing just make sure to take deep breaths and to not over due it.

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